Raiders Trade Rumors: Pump The Breaks On Jacobs

August 15, 2022

Will the Raiders trade their starting running back before the 2022 NFL season? Despite some rumors, we’re pumping the breaks on a Jacobs trade before this season.

When Josh Jacobs participated in the Hall of Fame Game, a flurry of trade talks erupted this week across the sports media globe. Also, the fact that he declined his fifth-year option added fuel to the fire for those reports, which were swiftly put down by NFL insider Ian Rapoport.

Despite his difficulties, the former first-round pick is still using them to motivate himself. Even with the drafting of Zamir White, he shouldn’t be bothered in the least because, while there is competition for the running back position, it’s evident that he’s the team’s ace at his position. Also, you have to consider the complications that come with selling him away because it might affect them in more ways than one. The coaching staff still believes in him and will progressively review his contract situation on a weekly basis.

If you trade Jacobs for his teammate, Zamir White will face even higher expectations because he will be pushed to become the team’s all-purpose back instead of sharing the field with Jacobs.

The Raiders Would Be Much Better With Jacobs And White Together

Both Raiders running backs look like a dominant force on the field, as they demonstrated in last week’s game; imagine how terrific they’ll be with even more chemistry. They both excel at collecting passes in the backfield and have no issue putting defenders on the turf; Jacobs is a strong running back, while White is a speedster. Because both of them will cause problems for their opponents, you should let them stick together. The second coming of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt 2.0 might be right in front of your eyes, Raiders fans.

Simply put, Josh Jacobs is here to stay and will be a big part of this offense for the upcoming season and, hopefully, for the foreseeable future. As long as the coaching staff believes in him and he works hard during the season, it may be highly rewarding for him in more ways than one.